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2014 Heysen Biennial, The Cedars Hahndorf, Adelaide South Australia (Now part of the permanent collection at the Cedars)

Heysen was a dedicated conservationist and all his life remained a staunch protector of the gums of the district often paying quite substantial sums of money to landowners and council to ensure that the gums were not cut down for timber. But sadly many of the magnificent old gums where felled to build our towns and railways and to fuel our fires. The very same struggle between progress, art and conservation continues today.

This work entitled ‘Legacy’ circling one of the many gums remaining on Hans Heysens home property and built from reclaimed hardwood railway sleepers from the old Adelaide to Melbourne line, aims to provoke further debate about this struggle and to pay respect to this visionary artist and conservationist.

Click here to view a video of the installation.

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