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‘Paisley’ 6’11” Handcrafted hollow core 'Paulownia' timber surfboard by Peter Walker from his ‘Making Waves’ exhibition, Jam Factory Gallery 2010. Peter commissioned a number of artists to decorate his beautiful surfboards.


 This is a 70's board design and my memories as a 70's kid are of flambouant paisley clothing that was also part of the Beatles atire. I'm intersted in the history and meaning behind patterns and decoration in general. The term Paisely is a reference to a town in West Scotland where many paisley style textiles were produced.

But the distinctive twisted teardrop shape is actually very old and has great meaning to many cultures.The pattern was penciled onto the uncoated timber surface and then burnt into the face using a gas fired hot poker. It took me close to 200hrs to complete!


If you want to see the full range of Peter's amazing surfboards click here.


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