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HOME 2021

This public artwork titled 'Home' was commissioned by The City of Port Adelaide Enfield for the upgrade of the Jetty Road streetscape at Largs Bay, South Australia.

The work celebrates the rich cultural diversity of the Port Adelaide Enfield community.  One third of residents were born overseas, according to the 2016 census. They come from more than one hundred different countries.

Etched onto the top of one of the four boat hulls are the words of Mickey Kumatpi O’Brien, Senior Kaurna Man; For thousands of years the Kaurna people have maintained a continuous connection to Yartapuulti, the land and waters now known as Port Adelaide Enfield. The song lines of this area speak of the land and waters as the place of sleep. This is a place where migrating birds stop overnight, where fish sleep in the waters when conditions are right, and where aboriginal people are laid to rest. Aboriginal people willingly share our rich and diverse culture with all who come to this place.

Black Granite, Ironbark, Stainless Steel

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