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This work was commissioned by the City of Melville and is located on the banks of the beautiful Swan River in the Attadale Reserve in Perth, Western Australia. The work was produced onsite as part of a sixteen day sculpture symposium that included four other Australian stone sculptors.


Each artist produced a sculpture from local Western Australian Granite, kindly donated by Peter Henderson from Donnybrook Sandstone supplies. 


My work draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the site and the diversity of life that occurs at the edge of the river where the water meets the land.

Many thanks to Jina Lee and all the other artists, Luke Zwolsman, Peter Syndicas, Silvio Apponyi and all the volunteers that helped make the symposium such a wonderful experience.

Red Esperance Granite and Black Norseman Granite. 1.8m x 1.8m x 1m

*Photography by Tegan Court

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