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This public artwork was commissioned by The City of Unley for the King William Road streetscape upgrade completed in 2020. It was undertaken as an artist team collaboration with myself, Gregg Mitchell and Amy Joy Watson.

Responding to the written text: ‘Unbuilding our Home’ from a book titled ‘The World without us’ by Alan Weisman, Gregg Mitchell, Quentin Gore and Amy Joy Watson explore what the “world without us” may look like through their individual but linked sculptural works. The artists consider the built environment we live in and place it in the context of the natural world; a subject that will only become more relevant with time.


Timeless and elemental materials, granite and steel which feature in each work, remind us of our place in time and our fragile relationship with planet earth. With elegance, whimsy and subtlety the works speak of our inherent connection to nature, time and by association, the site of King William Road.


1. Tectonic One - Quentin Gore
Black Granite, Stainless Steel
1@ 300cm x 100cm x 100cm
1@ 100cm x 70cm x 70cm


2. Tectonic Two - Gregg Mitchell
Black Granite, Painted Steel
350cm x 110cm x 110cm


3. Tectonic Three - Amy Joy Watson
Black Granite, Painted Aluminium.
170cm x 120cm x 100cm

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